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New bench installed at Champlain Legacy Park

The Ticonderoga Historical Society has been the sponsor and main benefactor for the development of Champlain Legacy Park which is located on the north side of the LaChute River’s Lower Falls. 

A bit of park history:  Located on former grounds that were  barren and un-landscaped, and once the location of several industrial operations has a  rich local history.  An  ideal location for a new park and  place to erect a major new historical monument for the 400th  Samuel de Champlain Celebration held in July, 2009.  The Champlain Monument was made by the Rock of Ages Company of Barre Granite and is in three parts.  The central monument, erected in time for the July,  2009  Celebration and two “wings”  added later as funds became available.  The monument complex tells the Champlain Story – the person, his endeavors and achievements; and, of local interest  — the “Battle of Ticonderoga” in July 1609.  A “battle”   between Champlain and his French Indian allies against the Iroquois near Fort Ticonderoga and later his pursued of the escaping Iroquois to the “falls.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.Lower Falls from Champlain Legacy Park

The newest addition is a heavy metal park bench to overlook the Lower Falls and surrounding park lands.  We felt due to the large numbers of people who visit this site, especially seniors, and the lack of siting space (only a picnic table) that a park bench would be welcomed.  Funding for the bench was made in possible, in part, by a  grant funds generously provide by  the South Lake Champlain Trust.

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