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To celebrate the centennial of the 18th Amendment's passage, we have an exhibit that represents American life under Prohibition. Password for the speakeasy not necessary for viewing. 

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Mapping the adirondacks


A beautiful display of military, political, and romance maps as well as information on early surveying in the Adirondack region.

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Creative Commonality

A look at American Folk Art from the Hancock House Collection.

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From the Lambing to the Wool

An interactive exhibit featuring the 19th century Merino Sheep industry of the Champlain Valley region with a close look at farms in Ticonderoga.


Women's Suffrage Centennial

A commemoration of the Centennial of Women's Suffrage, complete with information on the remarkable women from the movement, ties to Native American gender, temperance, and more!

Fireman's Social Room

A replica of what a fire house social room would look like complete with banners, art, furnishings, and uniforms.

Rural Life
Folk art, daily artifacts and Americana. Prominently featured is a 1875 sleigh from the Ti Pulp and Paper Company (shown at left).
Longhouse Exhibit
Recognition of Native American Life & Lore inspired by Ticonderoga’s “Indian Pageant,” an annual (1932- 1962) production of scripted dramas depicting daily life. It was staged at Forest Theater, location of an early Native American campsite.
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