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St. Marys’ Students Visit the Hancock House

First and Fourth Grade students from Ticonderoga’s St. Marys School

recently went on a field trip to the Hancock House to learn more about

some of the subjects they have been studying in class.  Ticonderoga

Historical Society’s Managing Director Diane O’Connor and Trustee

Colleen Bessett led a guided tour of the rooms while bringing attention and

discussing various items on display.

Mrs. O’Connor and Mrs. Bessett welcome students, teachers, parents and chaperones to the Hancock House

One of the subjects some of students were learning about was – “What is an artifact?”  To help demonstrate what an “artifact” is the library table was laid out with several different objects.  This provided a means for students to have a closer look and have an on hands experience.  There was a great amount of student interest and discussion about each.  


The students were separated and one group beginning the tour from the

Garret and the other at the Front Parlor

Mrs. Bessett standing by the Hancock Table highlights the room period furniture and table  items. 

World War 1 Exhibit

Women’s Suffrage Display

Colleen Bessett and Diane O’Connor

Thank You – St. Marys School  

Mrs. Jennifer Facteau, 1st Grade and Mrs. Brooke Taylor, 4th Grade teachers, students, parents and

chaperones for visiting the Hancock House.


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