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USS Ticonderoga name used by these 5 Navy vessels:

1814 - 1825
The first USS Ticonderoga, a merchant steamer built in 1814 at Vergennes, Vermont, was purchased by the Navy at Lake Champlain and converted to a schooner rigging.  It was relaunched as a Navy vessel on May 12, 1814.  Ticonderoga rendered gallant service with Captain Thomas Macdonough's squadron during the Battle of Lake Champlain on Sept. 11, 1814.  Commanded by Lt. Stephen Cassin, Ticonderoga compelled sloop HMS Finch to surrender after riddling her with shot and forcing her aground.  She also assisted in the capture of sloop HMS Chubb and repelled several boarding attempts by British gunboats. Pronounced unworthy of repair, this Ticonderoga was sold on July 19, 1825.  
The USS Ticonderoga was sunk after the war and raised in 1958 by a historical group as part of the town's bicentennial celebration. The hull is on display in Skenesborough Harbor Park on Skenesborough Drive in Whitehall, NY. 
Midshipman Hiram Paulding used his pistol to discharge one of the schooner's cannon when firing matches proved defective. During the two-and-one-half hour engagement, six members of Ticonderoga's crew were killed, and six others wounded.


1863 - 1882

The second USS Ticonderoga, was launched on October 16, 1862. Read the entry of this ship in the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.  The Battle of Fort Fischer, N.C., in 1865, saw 8 crew killed, 20 wounded on the first day and a landing party from Ticonderoga assisting in the capture of the Fort on January 15th.  The Medal of Honor was awarded for action during that battle to Robert Summers, Chief Quartermaster and others in the Navy and U. S. Marine Corps.
Ticonderoga was recommissioned on 5 November 1878 and ordered to embark upon a cruise around the world. The expedition was of a commercial nature, intended to expand and increase trade relations.  During the two-year mission, she had visited over 40 ports and steamed in excess of 36,000 miles.

Follow the link to Albert Southard's 1878 diary for another glimpse of life on board. 

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