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Memorial Pavers available for Champlain Legacy Park

Looking for a truly meaningful and long-lasting memorial for someone who you wish to remember or honor?  Having an important event that should be celebrated?  Consider a meaningful granite memorial placed in a beautiful landscaped setting along the LaChute River here in Ticonderoga.  The Ticonderoga Historical Society offers memorial pavers and benches and dedicated living memorials at Champlain Legacy Park.  The Society is now taking orders, for a limited time, that can make your memorial ready for the soon approaching 2014 Memorial Day.

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Champlain Legacy Park  was introduced into the Ticonderoga community with the 2009 400th Champlain Anniversary Celebration.  Located on re-claimed land that has significant historical origins beginning before the first European step foot on this ground.  Through the years the Park has been growing in interest and evolving into a beautiful and picturesque parkland used by both visitor and local residents.

Granite pavers are offered in two options, both quarried and designed by the Rock of Ages Corp, located at Barre, Vermont.  The first is the “Barre”, grayish/white in color and approximately 18″x18″ x 2.”  These pavers are the only ones available to be placed in he inner forecourt at the Champlain Memorial.  The second is “Canadian Mahogany” and it is slightly smaller at  12″x 18″x 2.” Price is $350 and $250 respectfully which includes 12 characters.  Each character over 12 are $5 per.  Pavers can be customized, individually priced based on desires.  Forms are available from the Society.  All orders placed by 31 March 2014 will be scheduled for installation for Memorial Day.  For a limited time only, any order placed for this Memorial Day that remembers, or honors, someone who has served in the military can take a 10% discount from the total order.

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Trees and shrubs can be dedicated also, price based on individual desires.  A special metal sign will be placed for these items.

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We are also seeking volunteer groups and individuals who wish to assist with general maintenance and plantings.  Anyone interested can contact us to discuss your interest.

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Take no chances and order now.  Remember deadline is 31 March 2014 for installation for this coming Memorial Day.  Questions and order form may be obtained by contacting the Ticonderoga Historical Society.

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