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Decembers Remembered

It has been another busy and eventful holiday season here at the Ticonderoga Historical Society.  Our home, the Hancock House, was opened to the community on December 7th to thank all for their support, donations and other good will shown to us during 2014.  As in the past we also hosted, with Ti Arts,  The Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce’s  holiday “mixer” where we had an opportunity to personally welcome — and thank — their members who help make this town and region a better place to be.   On this eve of Christmas we present some visual presents of the season and a few historical reflections  of times past.


To An Evergreen Tree

From a tiny shrub we watched you grow;

Now can you tell us why

You stand so strong, so straight,

so tall

Arms uplifted to the sky?

Here, within your branches


Summer birds have built their


While so oft, the winter snows

Have laid their burden on your


Children play beneath your


Light of heart and full of joy

May they, too, grown straight and


Every little girl and boy.

Learn to fill their place in life

With a purpose firm in life

With a purpose firm and true;

May every tempest that they


Make them stronger, just like


 – Ellen M. Johnson, Ticonderoga

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Xmas Rogers Rangers ft ti


In another time and place, the beginnings of the construction Fort Carillon by the French, we find in the writings of Burt Garfield Loescher and from the Journals of Robert Rogers the beginning of the formation of  his “Rangers” and the scout to Ticonderoga in December, 1755.

Loescher – (The beginning) The Company had no uniforms.  “They Cloath themselves and were very ragged consequently they catch cold.” (Rogers)Most of the men wore the Indian Leggings.  Some wore the hunting shirt, while others sported jackets or coats with the long tails cut off.  They carried whatever arms and camp equipage that they might own.