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How Deep Are Your Roots?

How deep are your roots?  The first English Land Grant Patentee that settled here in Ticonderoga was  John Stoughton in July 1764.  We are not aware of any family  descendants still living in the area; however, there are a number descendants from our earliest settlers that have deep roots in the town.  Are you one of them?  Is so we would like to hear from you.

To promote “Ticonderoga – the First 250 Year” Celebration we are offering an opportunity to belong to our “Exclusive Family History Club.”  It is a “clublooking for anyone that can document their “Ticonderoga Heritage.”  (Documentation would be evidence by the submitter, or someone in the family,  that has a direct/indirect relationship to the TOWN OF TICONDEROGA sometime in the past 250 years. Supporting items would be, but not limited to:  photographs, letters, research papers, bibles entries, census-school-tax-military-birth-marriage-death records, newspapers articles and obituaries.  Submissions will be gifted to THS and become part of the THS’S Research Library Archives, subject to any restrictions –  if placed, and be available for future use by members, patrons and researchers. 

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Our Categories are:  Legacy (1764-1800); Settler (1801-1864); Centenarian (1865-1964) and Next Generation (1965-present).  There are no application fee, no entrance fee, or annual dues. We can offer an opportunity to network with like-minded interested individuals via THS’s forums, ability to restrict distribution and/or use of information submitted and a permanent location of deposited family records for future generations access. Successful completion will be rewarded with an appropriate certificate.

With this “Exclusive Family History Club” it provides every one of interest with an opportunity to be a partner with THS  in our endeavor to preserve the history of our town and its people for future generations.

For inspiration we offer some points of interest:

  1. Some revolutionary soldiers who settled at Ticonderoga:  Peter Atherton, Elijah Bailey, Samuel Cook, Anthony Day, Robert Hammond, Paul Harvey, Isaac Kellogg, Charles Miller, Nathaniel Miller, Isaac Morse, Subaael Moses, Liberty Newton, Jonathan Pierce, Timothy Rowley, Ezra Snow, John Stone, Michael Spicer, Prince Taylor, Joshua Thompson, Jonathan Treadway, Ebenezer Vine and Constant Whitford.

  2. Early 1990s issues of Patches and Patterns Extended have family genealogical notes for some of the mentioned revolutionary soldiers including:  Samuel Cook, Nathaniel Miller, Jonathan Treadway and Michael Spicer.

  3. The “Silas Paine Collection” includes many names of “Soldiers of the Champlain Valley.  Sample entry:  Stoughton, John -“Lieut. in one of his Majesties Independent Companies.” Received grant of land near the outlet of Lake George, Dec. 3, 1763.  Application has certificate of Genl. Gage that he “has served during the war.”  Drowned in the rapids of Ticonderoga and buried near the “Alexander Hotel”  (Note: He actually drowned near the “Narrows” on Lake George the 25th of November 1767 as he and another man was transporting goods from Fort George to the Landing at Ticonderoga.  Ref: December 6, 1767 written by his brother, Nathaniel Stoughton,  to his family.)

  4. A sample of our Research Library resources:  Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War – Vol I-XVII, Loyalist of the American Revolution No I & II, New York Society of the Cincinnati Biographies, Lossings Field Book of the Revolution, American Loyalist Claims, Genealogies of Connecticut Soldiers – Vol I – III, The Barbor Collection, Vol 1 – 55 of Connecticut, Town Vital Records, Connecticut Military Records, 1775-1848 and Vermont Historical Society, Vol 1-21.

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To learn about individual lots that were later made from the original “Stoughton Patent” a  good resource is:  “Field Book of the Stoughton Tract & etc” made by John Willard and dated 19 October 1839 for Eben Mann, Att for Edward Ellice.  Sample:  Lot No. 5 – “Lies on the west side of Lake George;  beginning at the northeast corner of N. 4,  a stake 40 links southwest from an elm corner marked 4.5 and runs from thence along the marked lines N 85 W 45.33 to a stake 73 links west from a rock maple corner tree marked 4.5 — thence N 4 40 E: 25.. 50 to a beech corner tree marked 5.6. Thence S. 85 E 65 chains to a stake 15 links east from a forked beech corner tree marked 5.6, standing in the bounds of a lot granted to Platt Rogers.  Thence along said bounds S 31..30 E 4..40 to Lake George, by an ash corner tree with the top broken off marked IKE.WC1798.   Thence south westerly up along the banks of the said Lake to the place of beginning containing 143 acres.  REMARKS:  A good lot. Samuel Moett lives on this farm, several acres clear.”  (As copied)

We looked forwarded to having a partnership with you.

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