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Frontier Town was an original theme park in the Adirondack mountains. This book tells some of the history from the perspective of the owners, former staff, staff's families, volunteers and visitors. Originally this was going to be a photography book but as more people contributed photos they talked about the stories that in time would have been lost. The theme park was the inspiration for Disney's replica built in his western theme park in California. Frontier Town in North Hudson NY gave generations of families employment as well as giving students summer jobs to prepare for college. The trades taught at Frontier Town inspired visitors to take on crafting. The atmosphere of Frontier Town inspired a family friendly workplace with three owners that worked as a team to build a business that would effect anyone that visited. During transitions in management style, the theme park retained a culture that included real cowboys, Native Americans and a living museum set in a Frontier Town. Now abandoned due to taxes its future is being left up to the courts as the buildings return to nature. Its beauty remains even in its ghost state. Photography of this beautiful town has brought it back to life as it remains in the hearts of anyone that has seen it. Co-Author and Nature Photographer Jennifer ST.Pierre and former employee Tammy Whitty-Brown collaborated with over 150 people to finish this project.




    Hardcover "Frontier Town Abandoned Theme Park Then and Now, Volume 1"

    SKU: 9780692347430
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