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Votes for Women New Exhibit

On Friday, April 7th we opened our 2017 program season with “Votes for Women.” This program and a related exhibit was curated by Diane O’Connor, the Society’s Program Assistant.  This is the first presentation planned for a multi-year commemoration of the Women’s Suffrage and Women Rights” movements.  Following the program, the attendees had an opportunity to visit a “sneak” preview of the exhibit.  For those that were unable to attend, we present several views of the exhibit.

Diane O’Connor

World War I Nurse

Diane’s presentation discussed the early history of some of the principal women, men and events that were instrumental in the long road the led to the eventual recognition that women had the right as citizens of this country to vote.  In her early discussion of the many historical aspects to this cause, it brought back to mind an article that I originally published here in March, 2014 – about a woman’s heroism aboard the “Eagle” during the Battle of Plattsburgh – September, 1814 that  I thought may be of some interest to our newer friends:

A Woman’s Heroism, Battle of Plattsburgh – 1814

While researching the Ticonderoga Historical Society’s library collection for material on the War of 1812 as it relates to Ticonderoga and the Lake Champlain Region,  this writer came upon a personal remembrance by  a naval officer  aboard the “Eagle. “ He speaks about his activities in  preparing the ship; and, later his actions during  the naval engagement, at the Battle of  Plattsburgh, September 11th, 1814.  Something unexpected is revealed in this narrative — an incidental bit of history —  of a woman’s heroism aboard the ship.  Later in life, the narrative’s writer,  Admiral Joseph Smith (1790-1877),  told his story to Rear Admiral A.S. Barker, (1845-1916) -U.S.N.  It was published in “The Navy” in 1914 on the eve of  the Battle of Plattsburgh Centennial Celebration.  (From THS’s Henry Noble Collection)

Admiral Albert Smith Barker (1845-1916)