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“The New Kid” by Jean Arleen Breed

“The New Kid”  by Jean Arleen Breed, is just one of several new books to arrive  in our Gift Shop and ready for your reading pleasure, or for gift giving.  

” “The New Kid” seemed to be my name

when I was very young

Move, then move once again,

always on the run.”

Her first book  was inspired by the closure and subsequent destruction of the Crown Point Bridge in 2009 and the impact it had on the thousands of commuters travelling between its  two shores.  Since then she has published four more books: “Poems from the Champlain Valley,” Paper Girl,” The New Kid,” and her most recent – “Adirondack Paper Girl.”

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Her writing style is unique and fresh in form – poetry, not prose.   Like her first book, “The Loss of the Lake Champlain Bridge, A Traveler’s Srory”,   the two year loss of the bridge had a major impact on several thousands people who routinely traveled it and the business that relied on those that did.   At this time of the bridge loss she began writing poetry to inspire others in the same situation as herself  to keep on going.   Her other books speak about her personal journeys growing up in the Champlain Valley and her  collective memories  of the people, places and historical incidents of the region.   Her books are filled with photographs.

One, or more, of Jean’s  books would be a welcomed gift for this  holiday season.  Come visit our Gift Shop where we have a large selection of regional books, photographs, china, jewelry and other items for your shopping pleasure.   Remember that as a member of the Ticonderoga Historical Society you have a immediate 10% discount.

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