Creative Commonality

A look at America Folk Art in the Hancock House Collection.

From the Lambing to the Wool

The 19th Century Merino Sheep Industry of the Ticonderoga Region.


Women's Suffrage Centennial

Commemorating the Centenial of Women's Suffrage in the Nation.

Fireman's Social Room

Banners, art, furnishings and more from previous eras of firefighting.

Rural Life

Folk art, daily artifacts and Americana. Prominently featured is a 1875 sleigh from the Ti Pulp and Paper Company (shown at left).

Longhouse Exhibit

Recognition of Native American Life & Lore inspired by Ticonderoga’s “Indian Pageant,” an annual (1932- 1962) production of scripted dramas depicting daily life. It was staged at Forest Theater, location of an early Native American campsite.


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