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WW1 Veteran Remembered – George Dreimiller (1887-1963)

WW1 Veteran Remembered

George Dreimiller (1887-1963) was born in Brooklyn, NY and as a young boy he moved with the family to Albany, NY.

George worked at the Dobler Brewery and other area companies while attending night school at Albany Business College. Around 1910/11 he joined the NYS National Guard and was a member of Troop “B” 1st NY Calvary located at Albany. The unit was activated into Federal Service in 1914 and sent to the southwest to participate in the Mexican Campaign where US Army forces were fighting against border raiders Poncho Villa and Emil Zapata. At this time he participated in the last cavalry charge that the US Cavalry made.

After the US entry into WW1 the cavalry was converted into a mechanized force. George was part of the American Exploratory Force (AEF) and fought in the trenches in Europe where he was wounded twice. For his actions at this time he was decorated with the Purple Heart, Silver Star and other medals and awards.

In civilian life he worked for MONY Insurance Co. George moved to Ticonderoga in 1921 and continued working in insurance business as a representative for the entire upstate region. He was active in many civic organizations and a charter member of the Ticonderoga Elks and American Legion. He was a member of the Village Board from 1953 to 1957. He married Catherine Denn and they had three sons: John, Thomas and Joseph. He is buried in the Alexandria (St. Mary’s) Cemetery.

From the military records of Ticonderoga Historical Society.

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