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Ticonderoga’s Veterans Remembered

On Sunday, November 10th,  William G. Dolback, the Society’s  President and Town of Ticonderoga Historian, presented  The Seventh Annual “On Hallowed Ground” a Veterans Memory Walk at Ticonderoga’s Valley View Cemetery, Pine Grove Section.  The day was cold, windy with intermitting  rain showers.  Fortunately, at the time of the service it had stopped raining and skies cleared; however, it was  cold and windy. 

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Twenty-four veterans were remembered:  William Cook (War of 1812), James S. Neddo, (WWII), Nelson P. Dolbeck (Civil War), Charles Martin Sargeant (WWII), James H. Lamberton (WWII), James W. Church (WWII), Edward I. Dolback (WWI), James F. Dolback (1956-1960), Richard J. Moore (WWII), Kenneth H. Lamb (WWII), Dr. G. Peter Cook (WWII), William H. Vail, Jr. MD (WWII), Edward J. Lyon (WWII), Millard F. Blood (1950-1951), George T. Whitcomb (WWII), John A. Huestis (Vietnam), Ruth L. Wood (WWII), John P. Malaney (WWII), David H. Shattuck (WWII), Harold F. Varmette (WWII), Clayton I. Thompson, Jr. (WWII), Rexford A. Thompson (WWII), Robert M. Thompson (WWII) and Frank D. Sturtevant (Korea & Vietnam).

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 The walk paused at the grave site of each veteran and a remembrance reading was presented.  Space does not allow us to write for each.  As a representative reading  we present three honored veterans:

James S. Neddo, WWII ~~ U.S. Army 1913-1988

James S. Neddo, WWII ~~ U.S. Army 1913-1988

Thomas S. Neddo (1913-1988)

James was born and educated in Ticonderoga.  He enlisted in July, 1942.  James rose in rank to Mess Sergeant and spent twenty-one months in the European Theatre with the 995th Bombing Squadron.  The Squadron wa awarded two Presidential citations and seven battle stars.  The Squadron’s duties consisted of dropping supplies and secret agents behind enemy lines, assisting the activities of the Partisans who aided U.S. troops during the  invasion of Southern France and Northern Italy.  Later James worked twenty years with the Pulp Group at International Paper Co.’s Ticonderoga Mill.  Using his wartime food talents in civilian life he assisted in preparing many clam bakes for the Ti Mill, Elks and Nick’s Restaurant.  He was a member of the Ticonderoga American Legion, Post #224.

Robert M. Thompson, WWII ~~ 1921-2004

Robert M. Thompson, WWII ~~ 1921-2004

Robert M. Thompson (1921-2004)

“Bob” a Ti native, was one of eight veterans who served from the Ti area that  remained together from boot camp at Fort Bragg, NC to the end of their enlistment.   A medic with the 465th Medical Company he was a recipient of two bronze star awards for his action in the European Theater.  Robert was also, one of the four Thompson brothers – Emmett, Melvin an Chandler, that served during WWII.  After the war he continued his military service as a 2nd Lt. with the Ticonderoga National Guard.  Bob was employed by International Paper Co.  He was a very active member in  a number of community organizations  including Ticonderoga’s  Little League and a founding member of the Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union.  He belonged to Elks Lodge #1494 and American Legion, Post #224.  An avid sportsman he enjoyed auto racing and restoring old cars. Bob was a bowler and pilot, being a charter member of the Ticonderoga Flying Club.

Edward "Ted" Lyon, WWII ~~ U.S. Army Air Corps

Edward “Ted” Lyon, WWII ~~ U.S. Army Air Corps

Edward J. Lyon (1926-1991)

“Ted” as he liked to be known, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved to Ticonderoga as a teenager.  He was a corporal in the U.S. Army Air Corps serving from November, 1945 to his Honorable Discharge in November, 1949.  Ted  was stationed in Italy at the end of WWII and served as a Motor Sergeant with the 529th Air Service Group.  As a civilian he worked for NY Telephone Company for 39 years.  Ted was active in village and county government serving as Deputy Village of Ticonderoga Mayor, village trustee, building inspector and assessor.  He was the Essex County Code Enforcement Officer at the time of his death.  Community affiliations were as a Master of the Masons,  Lodge #794, Shriners (Troy Temple) and a member of the Ticonderoga VFW, Post #146.

Dale Quesnel III, playing TAPS, at Valley View Cemetery ~~ Veterans Cemetery Walk 2013

Dale Quesnel III, playing TAPS, at Valley View Cemetery ~~ Veterans Cemetery Walk 2013

WWII U.S. Navy veteran, John Porter, who has been the musical presenter for all of the “Veterans Cemetery Walks”  up to this one was unable to attend.  Dale Quesnel III, who had played TAPS with John in earlier walks,  played  solo TAPS for this year’s walk.

A special thank you was extended to all the family members who provided photographs and service records that greatly aided with his program; and,  to all the others that have contributed previously.  This year’s veterans family members who read were ~~  Nancy Countryman, Peggy Thompson Moore and Linda Thompson.

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Sandra Trepanier and Courtnay Smith, Ticonderoga Historical Society trustees,  provided research assistance to President Dolback .   Besides the family members other readers were:  Sandra Trepanier, Nancy Tierney, Margaret Scuderi, Connie Wells, Colleen Bessett, June Curtis, and Linda Bhatia.  Our handout was designed by Courtnay Smith.  Light refresments were provided after the presentation at the Hancock House.

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