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“The War of 1812” – New Book Donated

Historians, students, and naval buffs will enjoy one of the newest  themed books accessioned into the Society’s  Research Library.   “The War of 1812 – and the Rise of the U.S. Navy was recently donated by Robert Lamb, trustee and naval historian.

Next year, 2014, is the Bi-Centennial of the Battle of Plattsburgh, an important regional historical event of the War of 1812.  This book presents “..a stirring saga of conflict, power, and the courage and character of both people and nations …with gripping firsthand accounts drawn from letters, dispatches, reports, diaries, journals, and memoirs penned by the colorful cast of sea captains, ship’s surgeons, spies, privateers, powder boys, naval wives, and everyday sailors who made the conflict so memorable.  Their experiences shed light on the strife of warfare as well as on life in America not so long after our own Revolution.”

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Next year this community will be remembering  “Ticonderoga, First 250 Years” through a series of programs and events, including its contribution of men who formed three separate companies for the 9th Militia Regiment at the Battle of Plattsburgh.  (Lt. Beers Tomlinson, Capt. Silas Sayres and Capt. Alexander McKenzie)  Mr. Lamb will be presenting in April, 2014 a program devoted to this particular naval engagement and introduce us to the role of the 1st naval vessel named – USS Ticonderoga.  This book gives one a greater sense of the conflict both domestic and foreign.

We would be interested in hearing from anyone who may have had relatives that were members of the listed Militia Companies or had any connection to the War of 1812.

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