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Searching Through History #1

The Society recently was donated a collection of several photograph albums and scrapbooks from the family of Juanita “Wanny” Varmette who passed away in 2014.  Many of the photographs in the albums were not identified.  This is not unusual, and over the years we have been fortunate  through various means, to bring recognition to the people, places and events that were  photographed.

Starting with this new collection arrival, and in this forum, we will from time to time ask for assistance in identifying a photograph, or some  other historical matter.  Here is a simple one.  Clue #1  – A Ticonderoga School photograph, with Mrs. Clancy being the teacher.

Ticonderoga School Photo

Ticonderoga School Photo

PS:  On the back of this photograph the teacher and many of students have been named.

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