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Sasquatch, Ghosts, Legends & Mystery

The recent visit to Whitehall by the production team of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” series  generated a bit of interest.   The native Bartholomew brothers – Paul and Robert – of that town  have written about Sasquatch (Bigfoot) and  Champlain’s “Champ” and other  “mysterious creatures” that haunt the Adirondack region for many years.  We thought that maybe our readers would enjoy learning more about both “Bigfoot” and “Champ” and so much more of this genera that we bring to your attention some books available at the Hancock House.

For your reading we present several titles that we have in our Olde Post Office Book & Gift Shop of this genera that may be of interest to you.

Gift bk  -Bigfoot NY & NE

“Bigfoot – Encounters in New York & New England”  ~ The Bartholomew brothers – Paul & Robert – lengthy research and documentation of their investigation into “a hulking 7 foot-tall human like creature” in New York and New England.  The Whitehall area for several decades has been one of the places that sightings have been of interest to followers of this “creature.”  In four parts:  1 & 2 – “Encounters in New York and New England;” 3 – “Evaluating the Evidence;” and, 4 – “Case Catalog:  Bigfoot- Related Incidents.”

$24.95 – Softcover & Illustrated  (Member Discount)

Gift bk - The Untold Story of Champ

$24.95 – Softcover & Illustrated (Member Discount)

Gift bk  - Haunted Lk George

$12.95 – Softcover & Illustrated  (Member Discount)

Gift bk - ghost & Legends of Lk Champlain

Thea Lewis ~ “Ghosts and Legends of Lake Champlain”  ~ A personal journey into the places and stories of legends on both sides of Lake Champlain.  Travel along with her as she visits fam