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Roger’s Rangers Digitization Grant Award

Ticonderoga Historical Society Receives Grant for Digitization Project

The Ticonderoga Historical Society has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Northern New York Library Network for the digitization of original records pertaining to Roger’s Rangers from the historical society’s Loescher Collection.

“The Loescher Colleciton is one of our most valuable holdings,” noted Historical Society President Bill Dolback.  “The results of this grant will be of great benefit to scholars, military historians and genealogists.   The collection offers a truly comprehensive look at Roger’s Rangers and includes original research, unpublished manuscripts, works of art, even a collection of highly detailed miniatures.”


Specifically, the grant will allow rosters of enlisted men who served with Rogers to be available on line through the New York Heritage website.  While Robert Rogers has been the subject of numerous books and articles, information on individual rank-and-file soldiers has been scarce.

The historical society was gifted the special collection in 2004, following the death of Burt Garfield Loescher, who remains an acknowledged authority on Robert Rogers in the French and Indian War.  This military unit is regarded as the inspiration for the U.S. Army Rangers and other special forces from World II to the present.

The Northern New York Library Network is a regional library agency dedicated to providing support and services to its members, of which the historical society is a member.