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Popular “Chilson Hill” Book is Back!

“Up on a Hill and Therabouts, An Adirondack Childhood”  by Gloria Stubing Rist is back!  Several years ago we first introduced this book in our Gift Shop when the author donated a number of copies of her privately printed book to The Ticonderoga Historical Society.  What a sensation it was, the book flew off the shelves.  Ms. Rist then donated another quantity and they also sold out quickly.  For sometime no other copies were available.   Now we have this book under a new imprint from SUNYPRESS.  Reformatted, re-organized and with better quality photographic printing.    Here is your opportunity to re-live her experiences as a child growing up on “Chilson Hill” during the 1930s.  You will cry and you will laugh  with her stories.  Again, a must read.  Softcover $24.95

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Another women author, well-known local and Chilson Hill resident  and former Ticonderoga Historian, Lois Moody Gunning, book “Up on Chilson Hill” is the “story of an Adirondack Hamlet, its times and people.  Filled with information about the social, economic and recreational character of this small Ticonderoga Hamlet.  Originally printed in 1999, it is the best historic resource available about this  close-knit town hamlet to date.  If not already in your library an excellent companion book to Ms. Rist’s book about life on “Chilson Hill.”  Softcover $25.

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Member discount applies for each.  Not a member, become one and get an immediate discount.  Available during the 8th Annual Christmas Museum Store sale at the Hancock House Friday and Saturday, December 6th and 7th. and anytime in our Olde Post Office Gift Shop.

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