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Night at the Museum

What an array of attire was seen at this year’s “Night at the Museum.”  Although not required many came for the occasion dressed in vintage or Black and White attire.

Dressed in a Tux, Cellist Brian Donat played classical musical in  the front parlor. The  library’s great table was covered with  Hors d’oeuvre and sweet treats.   The 1930s popular Gin Gimlet was the featured drink and was well received along with beer and wine.

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As always the popular  “History Hunt” had the those in attendance puzzling over the “clues” and searching throughout the building trying to find the items that were displayed on the  four floors of displays and exhibits.  It was fun to watch, and hear, the paired teams discussing the clues, searching for the object and trying to get additional hints from the Society’s President.

This event is a joint presentation with the Ticonderoga Chamber of Commerce and the Ticonderoga Historical Society.

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