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New Titles for our Gift Shop

Have you been in  The Olde Post Office Gift Shop lately?  If not you have missed seeing the many new book titles, unique gifts and souvenirs that we  have added.  Here is a sample of some of our new books.  NO FEE TO VISIT OUR GIFT SHOP!

“150 Years of Racing in Saratoga” ~ If you like the “ponies” and enjoy visiting the famous Saratoga flat track, or its harness racing venue, this book is for you.  Stories of the events, horses and the people who have made this “the” place to be during the  summer.

New York’s North Country and the Civil War” ~ The great battles of the America Civil War were not fought here, but so many of our North Country families had someone who participated in  this long war.  Author Dave Shampine recreates some of the fascinating stories of Adirondack soldiers as it was told in the columns of the Watertown Daily Times.

“Lake Placid, Figure Skating, A history” ~ Christie Sausa’s  exciting story of figure skating at this international known Adirondack Village.  Lake Placid was host  of both the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics.  Many familiar faces of the sport have  trained and made history on the ice here.

Anne LaBastille’s, Woodswomen II, ~ A recognized author about nature and the environment.  She authored several books on these subjects as well as children’s books. Anne  built her own log cabin at Black Bear Lake for peace and solitude; however, her fame overcame that pleasure when fans and developers intruded on her “space.”  Woodswomen II is a story of her  further retreat into the wilderness where she built a tiny cabin, fashioned after the one in Thoreau’s Walden.

The Only Game in Town” – Tells the time when life was simpler in the North Country; and, when baseball was an important part of its culture, especially from about 1920s to 50s.  Covers the “game” in Clinton, Franklin and Essex counties.

“Underground Railroad in Upstate New York” ~  By Tom Calarco – after many years of research the author provides an insight into the secret endeavors of  fugitive slaves, and those that aided them, as they fled from their masters and bounty hunters enroute north to seek  freedom in Canada.

Here are three books for your younger readers.

“Lake George Shipwrecks.” –  “A treasure of history lies submerged beneath the dark surface of Lake George.”  Famed  under water archaeologist Joseph Zarzynski and archaeological diver Bob Benway presents the most intriguing discoveries among more than two hundred known shipwreck sites scattered along the bottom of Lake George.

The Ticonderoga Historical Societies newest Christmas Ornament  ~~ In brass showing both the Hancock House and the Liberty Monument.  Great gift or collectible.

(Note:  For a limited time only, if you purchase one Christmas Ornament you can take 10% off your other purchases.  And  remember, there is NO CHARGE to visit our Gift Shop.)

Have you seen our special “Ticonderoga, the First 250 Years” exhibits?  If not this would be a great time to view our new displays and exhibits.

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