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General Grant and the Rewriting of History

Friday, July 21st, the Ticonderoga Historical Society introduces Dr. Frank Varney, a Ticonderoga native, presenting a Civil War themed program on his new book: 

“General Grant and the Rewriting of History:  How the Destruction of General William S. Rosecrans Influenced Our Understanding of the Civil War.”

General Grant’s last photograph at Mt. McGregor – 1885 Writing his “Memoirs”

In 1885, a former president of the United States published one of the most influential books every written about the Civil War.   An entire generation of Americans had eagerly awaited his memoirs and it has remained so popular that it has never gone out of print.  Historians – then and now- have made extensive use of Grant’s recollections , which have shaped how we understand and evaluate not only the Union army’s triumphs and failures, but many of the war’s key participants.

The “Memoirs” of Ulysses Simpson Grant may be a superbly written book, Frank P. Varney persuasively argues in “General  Grant and the Rewriting of History.” but it is so riddled with flaws as to be unrealizable.

General Ulysses S. Grant Mt. McGregor – Saratoga County NY

William Dolback, President of the Ticonderoga Historical Society notes that – “This is a program of tremendous significance not only to those interested in the American Civil War, but to anyone concerned about the manner in which we interpret and accept our history.” — “We are fortunate that Dr. Varney has accepted our invitation, as his academic credentials are outstanding and his book is quite fascinating.”

Gen. William Rosecrans

Frank Varney earned his Ph.D. at Cornell University.  He regularly leads student groups to Civil War battlefields and makes frequent speaking appearances before Civil War Roundtables and historical societies.  Professor Varney is currently developing a course to be taught on-site at Gettysburg, and will do the same for a  course on Chickamauga.  He teaches U.S. and classical history at Dickinson State University of North Dakota.  This is his first book.

Hancock House Boston

Public invitation to this FREE program at the Ticonderoga Historical Society – Hancock House – Lower Gallery, July 21 st – 7 PM

7/18/17 – wgd

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