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Aces and Balloon Busters

The United States Army Air Service was established during World War One by President Woodrow Wilson.  Under commanding General John J. Pershing, this fledgling service quickly distinguished itself in the skies over France, beginning in the spring of 1918.  By the end of the war, the Air Service had employed 45 squadrons covering 85 miles of battle front.  71 pursuit pilots were credited with shooting down five or more German aircraft while in American service, while the Air Service overall destroyed 756 enemy aircraft and 76 balloons in combat.

Quentin Roosevelt, son of President Theodore Roosevelt, was one of those early aviators that lost his life over the skies of France during World War One.

Our continuing program to provide information on the United States entry into World War One and the military activities and engagements during the war.

Have you seen our new World War I exhibit?  If not visit before the presentation – experience going doing into the trenches.

Presentation – lower Meeting Room.  Exhibit – 2nd Exhibit Room

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