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A Trip to the Mount

As we recognize 2017’s Presidents Day, a fairly recent designation where two of our earlier president’s birthdays ~~ Washington and Lincoln ~ were combined into one.  A  few years ago this writer, President of the Ticonderoga Historical Society, enjoyed a family  trip along the northern route of several mid and western states visiting a number of national parks, monuments and historical places.  One our stops was to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

As we recognized Abraham Lincoln’s traditional birth date earlier, we expand a bit and commemorate George Washington’s birthday with a visit to Mount Rushmore.   Located in the Black Hill region of South Dakota, this national memorial features four presidents:  Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The four sixty feet high facials are a representation of  our first century and third of  birth, growth, development and preservation.

The original intent as conceived by State Historian, Doane Robinson, was to promote tourism in South Dakota.  Sculptor Gutzon Borglum started the Mount Rushmore project in 1927.  After the death of Gutzon  in early 1941 his son, Lincoln,  completed the project in late 1941 when funding ran out.

Visiting the Site

As we approach the entrance a look back into the valley and the surrounding mountains.