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A Tribute to Abe Lincoln

A pictorial tribute to our sixteenth president ~ Abraham Lincoln ~ on the 208th anniversary of his birth in Hardin County, Kentucky.

His parents were illiterate rural farmers.  As a youth he had his chores beside toiling in the fields with his father.  Abe’s schooling was limited; however, sufficient to learn his ABCs and write his name.

Later as a “Whig”  he was elected to the Illinois State Legislature.  He had an interest in the principles of Henry Clay — education, internal improvements, banking and economic development to promote growth and opportunity.”  At this time John T. Stuart, a Springfield lawyer, was mentoring him through the fundamentals of preparing Lincoln to become a lawyer.  He obtained his license in 1836.

Restored original Lincoln’s Law Office Springfield, IL

On 4 November 1842 he married Mary Todd.  She was the daughter of a Lexington, KY banker. Mary’s education and early life was in contrast to Lincoln’s early life.  She was educated, cultured and socially prominent.

Mary Todd Lincoln Circa 1846

“A man of great ability, pure patriotism, unselfish nature, full of forgiveness to his enemies, bearing malice toward none, he proved to be the man above all others for the great struggle through which the nation had to pas to place itself among the greatest in the family of nations.”  ~ General Ulysses S. Grant

Leaving Springfield, Il to Washington, DC

Civil War

Lincoln & Mary Circa 1861

With the Army

Lincoln at Antietam, MD – 1862. ( Gen McCllelan 3rd fr left)

“Now he belongs to the ages”

Presidential Box at Ford’s Theater

Want to learn more about the events surrounding Lincoln’s assassination at Ford’s Theater?  Follow this link >

Back to Springfield

Final Resting Place

Tomb photographs

Street Scenes

Several downtown blocks have been restored by the National Parks to the time of Lincoln

Lincoln’s house – Interior Photos

And for the Ages

Mount Rushmore – Lincoln – right

We invite you to become a member of the Ticonderoga Historical Society if not all ready a member.

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