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“A Return to the Past”

A personal  open invitation to join me, William “Bill” Dolback, President of the Society, as I take you on a retro slide  presentation ~ “A Return to the Past.”  Together we will take a visual journey to a time when neighbors were people who knew each other so very well.  A time when many went  downtown to work, shop and visit with other town folks as they went about their business.  A time when traveled was by steam boat, train and early autos to see Fort Ticonderoga and other historical sites.  A time when communication was by newspapers, telegraph and telephone,  and by the postal service.

A presentation designed as an  enjoyable adventure to visit places some may remember readily; and, for others faintly or not at all.  For some the photographs will be a reminder of  streets, roads and places visited.  For others a historical and pictorial  connection of the present to the past.

I encourage audience participation.  From nearly forty years of presenting these programs, I have learned that the audience comments give additional information and meaning to the photographs shown.  I look forward to seeing you there.


“A Return to the Past” ~ Friday, January 30th – 7 PM at the Hancock House Meeting Room.  In case of inclement weather an alternative date will be the following Friday, February 6th, same place and time.

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