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250th Celebration Signature Events – The Kick Off

Today, July 19th, 2014,  begins the two-week marathon of  “Ticonderoga, the First 250 Years” ~~ Signature Events.  The day began with Ticonderoga’s based “LaChute Roadrunners” sponsored  5k race that began at the head of the Lower Falls.  The track then ran behind the Heritage Museum into the Park up to North country Community College then over to the  La Chute River, back  along its banks to Tower Avenue and then the returned  into Bi-Centennial Park.  The race was all-inclusive – male, female and all age groups and with a good representation of all.  (It is a delight to see the “LaChute Roadrunners” promote running. The participation of the public is certainly there as we saw with the huge turnout for the 4th of July race and again today here in the park.  This group should be lauded for all their efforts.  wgd)

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It was a good day to race, sunny and not to humid.  Plenty of thirst quenchers and good desserts were had at the finish.  Prizes were sweets – pies for the first place winners and cookies and other delights for those in second and third place.

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Next we traveled up to the Farmers Market, next to the Liberty Monument.  The 250th Committee had a booth setup where a complete schedule of all events and their time and place plus  free hand-outs of the 250th Committees Times of Ti Supplement were available.


Scan -250th schedule

Today and tomorrow, Fort Ticonderoga is presenting their “Defiance and Independence” re-enactment.

We look forward to seeing you at the various venues during the next two weeks.

Remember to stop by the Hancock House to see their new 250th displays and exhibits. 


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